Written, directed, and produced by three talented NYC women, “Riding the D with Dr. Seeds” is the new unhinged female-driven comedy series that will keep you coming back for more crazy train. Created by Sarah Seeds, directed by Michelle Cutolo, and produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand, the pilot follows Dr. Seeds, a non-licensed psychiatrist with a dark past, who, after losing touch with reality, stalks the NYC subway system to find new patients and grow her underground practice.

Dr. Seeds is taped in front of an imaginary studio audience on a deranged comic book style subway set. We see reality distorted through the eyes of Dr. Seeds - audience reactions, flashbacks, Mortal Kombat subway fights, impromptu music video shoots. Meanwhile the “Above-Grounders” are only able to see the D Train as it exists in real life. The Dr. Seeds’ warped version of the D Train is a strange pop culture riddled mecca filled with patients, arch-nemeses, and New York City weirdos. In the world of Dr. Seeds, characters are always heightened versions of themselves, and reality is strangely (and often humorously) contorted.

Hop on the crazy train. 
Because the Dr. is in.


Written and Created By Sarah Seeds, Directed By Michelle Cutolo, Produced By Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand, Executive Producer David Russo, Producers - Jeff Rabinak, Sarah Seeds, Josh Thorne, Associate Producers - Kathy and David Seeds, Jim Kerr, Jeremy Sample, V. Lee Bailey, Brought To You By - Edge In Motion, Infiniti Features, Sarah Seeds Productions, Director of Photography Seth Hagenstein, Edited By Jeff Rabinak, Composer Jesse Duran Crelin, Production Designer James Lucius Grey, Costume Designer Cindy Ho, Make-Up By Lani Stecchino, First Assistant Director Jeff Rabinak, Sound Mixer Jacopo Messina, Production Manager Jean-Louis Fragnay, Grip Max Batchelder, Gaffer Jacob Bittens, Second Camera Operator T. Zhang, First Assistant Camera - Ace Bernard, Kelli Wilcoxen, Jaboukie Young-White, Second Assistant Camera - John Pope, Anthony Bam Sutton, Post-Production Jeff Rabinak, On Set IT Consultant Angelo Mercado Jr., Production Assistants - Mackenzie Carlisle, Katelin Koper, Mauricio Marcés, Dave Robinson, Roger Skai, Art Production Assistants - Elizabeth Knebel, Doryan Robinson, Music - “Super Dope” & “Haters Say” by Chris Cardillo.


STARRING - Sarah Seeds, Doryan Robinson, Rasheda Crockett, Andrew Lipson, Jami Simon, Johnny Alicea, and Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand.

FULL CAST (In Order of Appearance) - 
Sarah Seeds, Joey Price, Jami Simon, Sean Barry Parsons, Lauren Brickman, Olivier Renaud, Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand, Doryan Robinson, David Crownson, Rasheda Crockett, David Russo, Alex Estrada, Zoe Manarel, Kirsten Krohn, Sean Rogers, Russ Somoza, Olivier Renaud, Drew Lipson, Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand, Edith Taylor, Jimmy T. Martin, Jerah Milligan, Kimberly Medina Courts, Marcus Edghill, Thomas Wesson, Johnny Alicea, David Russo, Noelle Yatauro, David Crownson, Jacquie Militano, George Papadimatos, Alicia Fuss, Douglas Widick, Additional Passengers - Carla Humphries, Maria Molina, Elena Barrio, Jimmy Alotta, Jarred Bean, Mary Kate Hegarty, Zach Young, Robert Gulack.