Sketch Mocks Neighborhood Nicknames Where 'Cool Moms' Live

From FoMo, to Curling Iron, to RiKi (short for Rikers Island), a new sketch comedy video captures New York's penchant for mashing and mixing up place names with two breast-feeding mothers talking about neighborhoods where they've considered moving. The scene unfurls in a cafe, decorated with graffiti. The two women chat about how hard it is to find a "good" neighborhood to live in. "Mexican Harlem?" “Not gentrified enough,” the other replies."Canadian Harlem?" “Too gentrified.”"What about Olive Garden?" “Horrible restaurants.”"North Korea Town? "No restaurants."

Hand then spouts off a list of all the places they'd been apartment hunting: BimBo, Blue Hook ... Upper South Side, Fort Sofa, Putting Green ... Plunging, Broad City, Close Rockaway, Closer Rockaway ... Further Rockaway, Even Further Rockaway ... FoMo, Curling Iron."

"Where the Cool Moms Live," uploaded to YouTube on Monday, is one several videos published by Cruel Children Comedy, a comic duo comprised of Illinois-transplant Jeff Rabinak (who writes, produces, edits and acts) and Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand (who stars in many of the skits. She's the main "cool mom"). Continue Reading

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